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Thompkins Contracting, Inc to Aide Bonita Springs in Improving Water Quality

Thompkins Contracting, Inc will be helping the city of Bonita Springs, Florida in their efforts to improve water quality in their local community with the construction a Wood chip Bio-Reactor system.

A bio-reactor consists of subsurface trenches filled with wood chips through which drainage water flows before entering a surface water body, such as a stream or lake. The wood chips assist with the filtering of nitrates, a common form of nitrogen, from the water by converting it into nitrogen gas. High levels of nitrogen have been discovered in the local Imperial River, causing the community great concern. If nitrogen levels rise too high then can cause water systems to become dead zones, eventually breaking down entire aqua-habitats. High nitrogen levels can be caused by many factors, one of which is the use of fertilizers in farms and gardens.

The Wood chip Bio-Reactor will be located on the city-owned blocks of Felts Avenue and Abernathy Street in downtown Bonita Springs.

Thompkins Contracting will be providing underground utility construction, filtration systems, parking lot and sidewalk construction, and delivery of gravel and wood chips needed to ensure the project is successful in its attempts to maintain a healthy water system for the community. The project is estimated to begin late 2016 to early 2017.

Contact: Marty Thompkins, President

Thompkins Contracting, Inc.

Phone: 239-303-0648

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