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Thompkins Contracting Breaks Ground on Woodchip Bioreactor Project for City of Bonita Springs

With the help of Thompkins Contracting, Inc., the local community of Bonita Spring's will soon benefit from an improvement in the quality of their water with installation of their new Woodchip Bioreator system.

The TCI Woodchip Bioreactor project is now underway on the city-owned blocks of Felts Avenue and Abernathy Street in downtown Bonita Springs.

Thompkins Contracting is be providing underground utility construction, filtration systems, parking lot and sidewalk construction, and delivery of gravel and woodchips needed to ensure the project is successful in its maintaining a healthy water system for the community.

The purpose of the system is to remove nitrate, phosphorus and suspended solids which can can create eutrophication problems in any watershed. Learn more >>

Contact: Marty Thompkins, President

Thompkins Contracting, Inc.

Phone: 239-303-0648

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