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Thompkins Contracting, Inc. awarded Phase One of Immokalee Water Main Replacement

Thompkins Contracting, Inc. has been awarded Phase One and Phase Two Asbestos Removal for the Immokalee Water Main Replacement project beginning in August 2017. The project features four phases that will occur simultaneously in an effort to replace old water mains through the Immokalee, FL. PWC will lead Thompkins Contracting, Inc. and another subcontractor on the work being performed for Phase One and Phase Two of the multi-million dollar project. Local residents and businesses in Immokalee will begin to see construction underway this Fall.

The Immokalee Water and Sewer District has described the project in the following way: “The main goals of this project are to replace undersized and outdated water main infrastructure, improve water quality, improve system reliability, and to reduce unaccounted for (unbilled) water. This project area encompasses approximately 50 miles of Asbestos Cement (AC) and undersized (2-inch and 3-inch diameter) water mains, which equates to roughly one-half of the entire distribution system. The existing AC water mains were part of the original private utilities systems. The AC pipes are brittle and break easily, causing severe outages and boil water notices to be issued for large parts of the system while repairs are being made. The 2-inch and 3-inch diameter water lines were also inherited from the original private utilities systems. When these mains were initially constructed, they served only a few homes. Over time, more customers were connected to these lines. These line sizes need to be upgraded to meet current industry standards for level of service.”

Contact: Marty Thompkins, President

Thompkins Contracting, Inc. Phone: 239-303-0648 Email us:

Thompkins Contracting, Inc. is very proud to be helping improve the water quality for the people of Immokalee for years to come.


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