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New Goodwill Location to Open Off of Six Mile Cypress Parkway

Thompkins Contracting Inc, GCG Construction, and Pavement Maintenance Inc are working together to bring a new Goodwill Stores location to the Fort Myers, FL area. The store will be located off of Six Mile Cypress Parkway just past Walmart.

GCG Construction is the acting General Contractor for the project, managing the scope of the project as well as all subcontractors on-site. Thompkins Contracting is installing all underground utilities including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, fire line, and potable water. Pavement Maintenance Inc is providing all site development services for the duration of the project. Thompkins Contracting is very pleased to be working with two other local companies to help bring this location to the area.

Contact: Marty Thompkins, President

Thompkins Contracting, Inc. Phone: 239-303-0648 Email us:

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